Introduction: Streamline Dart Mod

This mod adds a little extra distance and power to a dart that you might need to fire. Please read the notes, they have important information in them!!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
a dart(duh)
a cutting tool
hot glue gun
sharpie(optional(to mark the darts))
(\_/) (read the notes!)
(  '.') /

Step 2: Cut the Dart

Start with the little hole on the side of the dart tip. Get your cutting tool into the hole, then cut down the tip to the other side. Refer to the other pic for the finished step.

Step 3: Fill the Tip

Insert the tip of the hot glue gun and fill the tip with hot glue. Don't be a clean freak, excess over the top is good, so it is filled all the way. Just wipe it off.

Step 4: Done!

Just make lots more and have something to shoot! Good Luck!


zabee113 made it!(author)2015-01-31

I was not able to shoot mine? What did I do wrong :(

Attmos made it!(author)2012-02-27

good idea.

NatNoBrains made it!(author)2010-12-30

Don't be a clean freak, excess over the top is good, so it is filled all the way. Just wipe it off.


Fractal+Art made it!(author)2010-08-06

Oh noes, not Fireflies...what an over rated song.

NatNoBrains made it!(author)2010-12-10

Because everybody wants to hear YOUR opinion!

acerobot191 made it!(author)2010-11-25

Yo, this is awesome. It made my darts go 5 yards farther.

eman414 made it!(author)2010-11-21

How's the distance compared to stock streamlines or stefans?

MAVREV13 made it!(author)2010-03-27

cool doesnt beat stefans 4.5

Capt.+Kidd made it!(author)2010-03-28

sure. that doesn't bother me.

XWXAXDXEX made it!(author)2010-02-01

W00p w00p Fireflies!

Tayl90mm made it!(author)2010-01-27

very nice mod, I've been looking for a really good quick way to mod mine so they work better. thumbs up and thanks much

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