The other day the S Video cable to my video projector from my satalite receiver broke. I think others may be interested in how I solved the problem.
I couldn't find any long S Vieo cable in the stores the longest was only 3 metres. Apperently S Video is too old for the stores to carry because no one uses it anymore.
A couple of days later I noticed some exterior telephone cable in the garbage room at work, I check there often, it is amazing the things people trow out. I grabbed the cable and now have 7 metres of 8 wire phone cable. Going back to the store I bought that short SV cable.

Step 1: Materials List:

I have the 2 cables. So I need:

Soldering Iron,
Silicone rubber putty, and
Uncured rubber tape.

You can use Electritian's tape instead of the last two items.
Thanks for the tips. Never having used a Mac I didn't know about the cable being the same. I'll have to remember if I ever need another SV cambole
There's a really simple trick for S-video cables - old Macintosh and Apple IIgs keyboard cables. The old ADB keyboard connectors are identical to S-video connectors and those cables are in many junk boxes. Most are curly cords so they'll stretch really long. I've also come across extender cables (Male connector on one end, female on the other) and they're useful if you need to have a display some distance from your video source. <br>

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