Step 2: Hinge Prep

Picture of Hinge Prep

The neat thing about this table is how all 9 hinges work together to go from one solid state to another. This can only be effectivly done with spring hinges. This is a very easy step if you can work a dremel cutter.

Smash the little hair clips until you free the sweet spring. Try not to smash the spring.

Pull the pin out of the hinges and find the side with 3... Teeth? Prongs? Hingers? Whatever, you know what I mean. You need to remove the middle one. Pull out that cutting wheel and chop that baby off. Now assemble everything again. This time however place the little spring in the middle section. Now when you fold the hinge you will feel the resistance of the spring as it longs to pop back open.

Make 4 of these please.

P.S. If you find you have a few extra springs don't be afraid to double up and put 2 springs on a hinge. It will only make it stronger.