Step 2: Hinge Prep

The neat thing about this table is how all 9 hinges work together to go from one solid state to another. This can only be effectivly done with spring hinges. This is a very easy step if you can work a dremel cutter.

Smash the little hair clips until you free the sweet spring. Try not to smash the spring.

Pull the pin out of the hinges and find the side with 3... Teeth? Prongs? Hingers? Whatever, you know what I mean. You need to remove the middle one. Pull out that cutting wheel and chop that baby off. Now assemble everything again. This time however place the little spring in the middle section. Now when you fold the hinge you will feel the resistance of the spring as it longs to pop back open.

Make 4 of these please.

P.S. If you find you have a few extra springs don't be afraid to double up and put 2 springs on a hinge. It will only make it stronger.
<p>This is a very nice Instructable and your finished product is clever and attractive. The video is also perfect. It's short enough to be compatible with the modern attention span, and yet clearly shows how the case works. Well done!</p>
What did you use to cut the wooden legs out?
The introduction is as clever as your instructable ,Good job .
Can I use it for Three Card Monti in some city ?<br>
Fascinating leg design.
a smart design - one of these will be very helpful indeed, thanks for sharing.
kinda differnt way to describe as &quot;just one sexy piece of luggage&quot;<br>but the folding up is slick<br>5/5
Cool ible. What is that sweet blue car in the background of your video?
Volkswagen Squareback. The color if you care to know is Safety Blue the same color they use for handicap signs.
It looks like you have a couple of inches of space inside the suitcase, under the legs/support. Is that so, or is it an illusion? Seems like someone could fit flyers or something inside the suitcase as well. <br>Nice idea, btw.
You are correct. There is some space available but can be awkward space depending on where you placed the support pieces. I am planning on installing a cloth bag that will be attached to the section you are talking about with the other end hooked to the stand itself. This way it falls open nicely when you have it open for tips and such and then just packs away unseen.<br><br>If you made this table exactly as I have you may ant to consider half page flyers.
Do you use another suitcase to carry your props?
I keep my &quot;props&quot; (I use balloons) in an open faced craft tote of sorts. It slings over my shoulder as I walk to where ever i'm going.
Really Super Awesome! The collapsing stand is very neat, like the extra ornamental touches!<br><br>But no ninjas would be caught dead with a green suitcase! (^_^)
Very nice wella thought out thanx<br>

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