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Introduction: Street Carver

This is how to build a street carver. Me and a friend built this when we had nothing to do. It's sort of like a Ripstik but it doesn't bend in the middle. Its, kind of hard to ride in the beginning, but its still fun!

Step 1: Parts

This is what you need to make it:

skate board
casters (2)
drill and bits
screwdriver (star head)
needle nose pliers
any kind of lubrication
grip tape (optional)

Step 2: Taking It Apart

To take apart the skateboard you need the pliers and screwdriver. Take off the trucks but KEEP THE NUTS AND BOLTS -you will need them later.

Step 3: Wheels

To put the wheels on, measure how big the holes are on the base of the casters and get a drill-bit a little bit smaller than that.

Drill four holes in the middle of where the trucks were so you can screw the caster in there.

Step 4: Now Screw

Now screw the casters into the board and make sure the head of the screw is on the caster side. Then put the bolt on the top. Do this on both sides and then......



If you have any suggestions about this idea, please put them in the comments box.


Step 6: Have Fun

Have fun and don't blame me if you fall sometimes!



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    As soon as I saw this I tried, but my wheels are slightly bigger, it worked fine but I need a lot of practice now ! its so impossible to ride !

    you know on the rip-stick you have like a kind of slope that the wheels are on
    if you make them it miht make it easier to ride

    lol, you could make a ripstick trainer, put two wheels on the back.

    pretty sweat!!!!!!

    hey, you know that screwdriver on step 1 that you call a star head um yah that is a philips head. but still this is a cool idea

    how much does this cost

    could you put a video on of you (or someone ) riding it

    hey does this handel well?? i might make one.....

    would adding a wedge under the front swivel so it is tilted back towards the board improve on the handling? looking at the ripstick /waveboard designs they both seem to have this. Me? i have a flowboard. In a small part of wales that manages to have no hills. d'oh.

    7 replies

    Lol try Northern ireland... it's like wales but with a few towns and consonants, where abouts are you any way, if it's any where near spooner street/avenue I will wet myself just a little... Also I know a few people in wales...

    wrexham. Not for much longer tho, just graduated

    Nice one, staying in the UK or getting out while you can? Bleeding PM is putting the place in a bad way...

    back in england now - preston... lets see where job hunting will take me :p

    Ha good luck, it's a sorry state of affairs, I have a crappy job and am currently looking, getting over £6 an hour is harder and harder, applying for outbound telesales, £14,500/yr

    there's somewhere in wales with no hills!? where abouts are you

    ive got a flowboard too 32" rusty logo. you?

    i dont think this will work : (

    any chance of a video of sum1 riding it?

    Thats pretty cool. I should try that. By the way, nice hair.