Introduction: Street Hockey Goal

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Step 1: Pieces Needed

3/4 pvc.
3/4 pvc electrical 90's
3/4 pvc plumbing 90's
3/4 pvc plumbing t's
3/4 pvc couplings
Pvc glue
Bird net
Tape measure and a saw or pvc cutters
Zip ties

Step 2: Cutting and Measuring

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Really you don't need a tape measure unless you wanna get super precise. Otherwise I just estimated a height then went from there. I made it scaled down to my 5yo.

Step 3: Starting Off

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Cut the prices as you go. If you look at the pics it's pretty easy to just measure up and cut to the sizes needed. The gray elbows are electrical 90's and the rest are all plumbing pvc fittings and pipe.

Step 4: Cut and Dry Fit

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Cut the prices and dry fit them together before glueing them just in case they are off. Also what I do while they are dry fitted together is I mark a line across the piece and the fitting to assure that I put it all back together the same way so it will stay nice and straight.

Step 5: Glue

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Glue the prices together starting from the top down(it was easier this way for me) once it sets ,which should only take a minute then your ready to add the net

Step 6: Add Net and Tie

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Lay the net on the fram and start at one side and tie the net to the frame using zip ties. Stretch the net and trim as you go so it will be a prefect fit! Fell free to message me if you have any questions


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