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This is the second street luge that i have made. The trucks are taken from a $9 skateboard, and i added old roller-blade wheels onto them. My original goes up to 25 mph, and i believe this one will be about the same. (i cant ride it now, as it is winter.) And yes, I know that the title says #2... my first is yet to come. It is made from a long peice of 2x4, a couple smaller pieces of wood (also 2x4,) skateboard trucks, roller-blade wheels and two pieces of plywood. To build, just look at the pictures, it is self explanatory. Make sure not to put the front set of trucks at the very front. Put them about a third of the way from the front.

RECENTLY EDITED: look in the first picture to see the modifications i have made 


Higgs Boson (author)2011-11-05

Why did you make another one? Your first one worked very well.

freeza36 (author)Higgs Boson2011-11-06

Its not that i made another, that one is just my modified "backup." remember the one with "monkey man" board? i just modified that one.

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