I built this snow luge yesterday, because I could not stand waiting for summer to come around again. I have not tried it yet, as I am planning to do that today. I build it mainly off of the design of my "Street Luge" that is shown in a couple of other instructables. On the last step, I say what other modifications I have done to my origional Street Luge.

Step 1: The Materials Needed

To build this, you need
-a 2x4
-scraps of 2x4
-a skateboard deck
-a cheap "snow play board thingie"
-a bunch of screws
-a drill
-a saw
-a small bit of pvc
so... you took a sport that was converted from a winter sport to a summer sport, and then converted that into a winter sport? i have a cool idea for a winter street luge. it's called a LUGE! pretty smart huh?
luge is used on ice. and on special courses. look it up
i know, but he made this as a winter alternative to a summer alternative to luge.
true. but the summer luge is very different than the normal ice luge, and i did not want to re-design another luge.
That is awsome I might have to give this one a go for the winter and then convert it for the summer.
Not bad. Now I just need snow!
it's real cool!!!
that looks like FUN! If the front skiisn't sliding very well try making a smaller one and covering it with the plastic from a 2liter soda bottle
Can it turn?

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