Picture of Street Luge: Snow Version
I built this snow luge yesterday, because I could not stand waiting for summer to come around again. I have not tried it yet, as I am planning to do that today. I build it mainly off of the design of my "Street Luge" that is shown in a couple of other instructables. On the last step, I say what other modifications I have done to my origional Street Luge.
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Step 1: The Materials Needed

Picture of The Materials Needed
To build this, you need
-a 2x4
-scraps of 2x4
-a skateboard deck
-a cheap "snow play board thingie"
-a bunch of screws
-a drill
-a saw
-a small bit of pvc

Step 2: The Main Base

Picture of The Main Base
To start, lay down the 2x4 and cut it down so it is slightly taller than you are. Find out where you are most comfortable sitting on it. You can look back at my other instructable (Street Luge #2) if you need more clarification. Then cut the plywood to size, and screw it onto the 2x4. I used some plywood, and the middle part of the snow toy thingie.

Step 3: The Back Rest

Picture of The Back Rest
Screw the scraps of 2x4 to the main piece on the shorter side of the 2x4, (divided by seat.) I used 2 pieces, but it can vary depending on how steep you want the backrest to be. Lay a piece of plywood against the scraps, and screw it down once you feel comfortable leaning on it while sitting on the seat.

Step 4: The Foot Peg

Picture of The Foot Peg
I forgot to take pictures for this step, but it is self explainitory. Take a scrap of 2x4 and screw it on to the main one near the front. Sit on the seat and outstretch your legs to detirmine where to put it.

Step 5: Handholds

Picture of Handholds
I used a small piece of pvc pipe right before the plywood seat, but you can use anything.

Step 6: The Back Sliders

Picture of The Back Sliders
Take the cheap "snow toy thingie" and cut it in half. Attatch both parts to a scrap piece of 2x4 (about 2.5 feet long) and then screw the 2x4 to the bottom of the main 2x4.
so... you took a sport that was converted from a winter sport to a summer sport, and then converted that into a winter sport? i have a cool idea for a winter street luge. it's called a LUGE! pretty smart huh?
freeza36 (author)  he who crashes often3 years ago
luge is used on ice. and on special courses. look it up
i know, but he made this as a winter alternative to a summer alternative to luge.
freeza36 (author)  he who crashes often3 years ago
true. but the summer luge is very different than the normal ice luge, and i did not want to re-design another luge.
duckef3 years ago
That is awsome I might have to give this one a go for the winter and then convert it for the summer.
ilpug3 years ago
Not bad. Now I just need snow!
IPSGnome3 years ago
it's real cool!!!
l8nite3 years ago
that looks like FUN! If the front skiisn't sliding very well try making a smaller one and covering it with the plastic from a 2liter soda bottle
Higgs Boson3 years ago
Can it turn?