Street Luge (with New Modifications)


Introduction: Street Luge (with New Modifications)

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I am posting this to show everyone what I have done to my street luge, previously shown in my other instructable. It now works ALOT better, so here it is. 
-I replaced the $9 plastic trucks with metal trucks (plastic trucks shatter when you run over large cracks. I learned that the hard way)
-I got even better rollerblade wheels to replace the old ones
-I took of the wood that was on top of the 2x4 
-I found that if you apply alot of wd-40 to the wheels, they spin alot better
-I replaced my old back/headrest with a single piece of plywood
-I replaced the old seat with a single piece of plywood
-I added in handholds
-I put the front trucks even further back (to help the turning.)
-I put the headrest further back so I can lay down more and become more aerodynamic 
-I added a hook on the end so I could easily pull it behind me



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    You can either risk it and bail out into the grass or use your shoes. My friend tried strapping a piece of wood with some nails stuck in it to the bottom of his shoe, and it worked ok. True brakes are still to come

    Sounds pretty sketchy. Well, I can't wait to see the finished product. I think you should incorporate a larger deck to lay on.

    Maybe show a video?

    My friend Higgs Boson and I actually made camera mounts so we could film video while doing it. He made an instructable too. Unfortunately, out cameras automatically stop filming if we hit any good sized cracks. We CAN just hold them and do it, but it is hard. A video is to come, though

    2 tips...

    1) you'll get more stability out of wider trucks, look into the ones that go on longboards. a set of 9 inch ones should do.

    2) invest in some "swiss bones" bearings. they are FAST. you could save a bit and get "bones reds"; they're not as good, but they cost way less. (still very fast, though.)

    take care and be safe...-ish.

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    yeah. Christmas is coming up, so i hope to get some money then. Unfortunately, it snows until march where i live, so i wont be riding anytime soon

    I have known him since i was.... around 6 i think. The two of us developed our own versions of blowguns and street luge, as well as many other things. We probably wouldn't be on instructables if we didn't know eachother.