I decided o have a go at a a street view terrain/scenery.

This is only an example of what can be done with a bit of imagination.

Step 1:

I found some bits around the house and thought I would make a start to see where things go.

The reason that the scene isn't too wide is that this was a small piece of plywood that was going to be thrown out. So I decided to recycle

I also tend to keep used guitar strings as I have always been convinced I'd use them for something....now I have!
hello it's me again and I learned some more teqnique and I was wondering if this is a good car
how did you do the rust effect on the car ?
<p>it's all brush techinques.<br>I layed the first colour (green) then I dry-brushed browns and reds (and mixed them on the palette to get the colours that I wanted) them built the paint up in layers.<br>On the seams areas around the bonnet and doors, I just let the paint flow then cleaned the excess with the brush.<br><br>It's all trial and error. this was my second or third attempt and rusting and I'm still not happy with it. But who is ever happy with their own work! lol</p>
Is that a good first try?
Yes. Given that you have made an attempt is always a step in the right direction.<br>WIth terrain/scenery, there is more emphasis on the painting.<br>If you search on youtube, there are lots of videos on painting.<br>I use the dry brushing technique on almost every piece I make.<br><br>Check out some of the dry brusing videos on youtube and keep practicing.
<p>hello can i use something besides plywood thanks</p>
Hi. Yes, you can use anything you want. <br>At the very minimum I would recommend a thick card. But you could use ply, mdf, hardboard, etc.
This looks absolutely amazing, I'm not sure if I could create it but I know this is definitely something I would buy
Has a sort of Fallout feel to it...
Fantastic project. Good show.
Fantastic project. Good show.
The painting on this is excellent!

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