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I decided o have a go at a a street view terrain/scenery.

This is only an example of what can be done with a bit of imagination.

Step 1:

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I found some bits around the house and thought I would make a start to see where things go.

The reason that the scene isn't too wide is that this was a small piece of plywood that was going to be thrown out. So I decided to recycle

I also tend to keep used guitar strings as I have always been convinced I'd use them for something....now I have!
-eekhoorn-14 days ago
how did you do the rust effect on the car ?
mr_snuffles (author)  -eekhoorn-14 days ago

it's all brush techinques.
I layed the first colour (green) then I dry-brushed browns and reds (and mixed them on the palette to get the colours that I wanted) them built the paint up in layers.
On the seams areas around the bonnet and doors, I just let the paint flow then cleaned the excess with the brush.

It's all trial and error. this was my second or third attempt and rusting and I'm still not happy with it. But who is ever happy with their own work! lol

djo41 month ago
Is that a good first try?
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mr_snuffles (author)  djo41 month ago
Yes. Given that you have made an attempt is always a step in the right direction.
WIth terrain/scenery, there is more emphasis on the painting.
If you search on youtube, there are lots of videos on painting.
I use the dry brushing technique on almost every piece I make.

Check out some of the dry brusing videos on youtube and keep practicing.
djo41 month ago

hello can i use something besides plywood thanks

mr_snuffles (author)  djo41 month ago
Hi. Yes, you can use anything you want.
At the very minimum I would recommend a thick card. But you could use ply, mdf, hardboard, etc.
prjoe862 years ago
This looks absolutely amazing, I'm not sure if I could create it but I know this is definitely something I would buy
Has a sort of Fallout feel to it...
Fantastic project. Good show.
Fantastic project. Good show.
The painting on this is excellent!