I previously made a street luge and instructable, however my previous design was not the best. It still worked pretty well and went fast on steep hills, but it was uncomfortable to ride and would not go very fast on less steep hills. I recently made a new street luge, and it works much better. It is much more comfortable to ride, and goes pretty fast on hills with a  grade as little as 15 degrees. This instructable shows the new design and construction.

Step 1: Materials

You do not actually need that many materials for this project. basically so long as you have some wood and a skateboard you should be able to make it. Here are the materials I used:

-two pieces of quarter inch plywood measuring about 18" by 10" (adjust dimensions based on how big you are)
-one two by four that is about 24" longer than you are tall
-another piece of two by four that is about 18" to 24" long
-two skinnier long pieces of wood each measuring about 24" long (1/4 - 1/2 inch diameter pvc works just as well)
-an old skateboard or wheels and trucks off of a skateboard (if you could get these from a long board you would have a really good luge, but they tend to be expensive. I advise getting a cheap skateboard from wall mart, for trucks and maybe roller blades from goodwill for wheels.)
-fence screws long enough to attach two 2 x 4 s together
-other smaller screws

I also used these tools:

-screw driver
- pencil
I would recommend longboard wheels if you want to go fast, <br> <br>70mm and above square lipped wheels would work great (abec 11 zigzags, flywheels etc) <br> <br>also hardwood would allow you to make a stronger, lighter and more aerodynamic rig. something like maple, ash or birch.
Definitely. The only reason I didn't use hardware from a long board was because it was a little more than I wanted to pay. As for the hardwood, I am definitely going to use it to build my next one, but I wanted to perfect the design cheaply and easily first.
I think it is ironic that you and I do exactly what not to do, as listed under how not to hurt yourself. <br>-helmet? <br>-roads? <br>-intersections? <br> <br>That almost turned out bad when we crashed near TRMS
I am fine with being responsible for my own injuries, just not those of others. <br>
Youre in the guide
Okay. Thanks.

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