Stretch Rings




Introduction: Stretch Rings

One of the nice things about making stretch jewelry is that if it seems like the piece is too small, because you used stretch cord, it'll likely still fit and end up being what you wanted.

Step 1: BoM

Elastic stretch cord

Beads (seed beads, crimps, etc.)


Jewelry Pliers, tweezers, scissors

Beading needles -optional

Ring mandrel -optional

Step 2: Stringing

Cut off at least 4" of elastic for your ring. The wrap around the elastic can start to fray and cutting the ends off as you go makes stringing much easier if you don't have a beading needle of appropriate size.

Step 3: End 1

Add some glue and a bead or two to the tail of end 1. Let it set for 10-15 minutes and then start stringing the rest of the elastic.

Step 4: End 2

Because I'm obsessed with rose gold and stars, I used a rose gold plated star bead as the focal point of this ring. With the help of a piece of wire, I got both end 1 and end 2 through the star bead, added some glue, and pulled the ends to tighten them. I added a little more glue and then let them set for a couple hours.



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