Introduction: Stretching Is Out - Move Like an Animal Instead

Since 1680, we've known muscles come to rest when we pandiculate according to the founder of clinical medicine.

Healthy vertebrate animals use the $5 word to reset the muscles so they are both relaxed and ready to go.  Fortunately, for us, the "p" word has been systematized as somatics exercises where we use the brain and our intention to move to get our muscles to remember how to let go.

Letting go of stiffness, stress and muscular tension helps us move easily rather than trying to stretch, which in fact shortens our muscles according to the research.

Watch this video and learn more about lengthening muscles in what initially may seem to be a counter-intuitive way yet is the way all healthy animals have been doing it for some time.


If you want to try more of these kinds of moves, you can do the free mini-course and move like an animal again.


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