Just a simple Cobra stitch or Solomon bar wrapped around a hairband. The weave itself is naturally expandable. When tied tight around a piece of Paracord, it's tight like a knot. But tied around a hairband, it opens and closes with the stretching of the hairband!

Step 1: You Will Need:

1- Elastic only Hairband. No metal clasps, they will rub on your wrist. I use an older stretched out hairband. It fits better on my large wrist. A brand new hairband would be way too tight.

2- Approximately 6' of paracord

3- Lighter

Step 2: Start Tying the Solomon Bar.

Start by tying a regular overhand knot. Then another, in the other direction. Then alternate back and forth creating the pattern.

Step 3: Continue Tying All the Way Aound Until You Reach Where You Started.

Step 4: Thread the 2 Loose Ends Through 2 of the Outer Loops From Where You Started .

Step 5: Trim, Melt and Flare the Ends So It Wont Pull Through. That's It!

The 2 color Tan & black bracelet pictured above was made the same way. I just melted two 3' pieces of paracord together. One black, one tan. Then put the hairband right on the joint, and start tying.

This is great for people who don't want to buy clips for their paracord bracelate. Thanks so much. You should enter a contest. Let me know if u do. I'll vote.
<p>This could be good for cat collars too! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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