Picture of Stretchy Paracord Bracelet
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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

Picture of Materials You Will Need
Two paracord colors
Crotchet hook
2 hair bands

Step 2: Fuse The Cord

Picture of Fuse The Cord
14, 1:16 AM.jpg
14, 1:16 AM.jpg
Get the scissors and paracord and cut 4ft from each color. Burn one end of both strings. The other end, take the ends that aren't burnt and light both of them and fuse both of them together.

Step 3: Starting

Picture of Starting
Get the two hair bands and tie what ever knot you want. A tip from me to you don't push the knot tighter together it makes the bracelet huge

Step 4: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
14, 1:16 AM.jpg
After your done tying, take the crotchet hook and pull them through the second to last knot on the inside of the bracelet. Cut then burn and enjoy.