How to Make Strike Anywhere Matches





Introduction: How to Make Strike Anywhere Matches

You will need: Safety matches (with matchbox), sanding paper, a small container, something to stir with, a pair of pliers, a tube or a D-cell battery, and water.

You will also need something to lay the matches on, like a the edge of a table or this CD case that I used.

Step 1: Sanding of Phosphorus

Sand off the phosphorus on the sides of the matchbox (striking surfaces) and put the powder in the container.

Step 2: Put on the Phosphorus

Put a few drops if water in the container and stir well. Take the matches, one by one, and dip them in the mixture. Then lay them on the edge of the table/CD case.

Step 3: Cover the Phosphorus

When they're dry, take some new matches and squeeze off the heads with the pliers, then pulverize the powder with the pipe or battery by pressing it down and rolling it over the powder and then put it in the container (if you're using the same container, be sure to wash out the leftover phosphorus). Add a few drops of water and stir well. Then dip the matches in the new mix so that you cover the phosphorus already on them and let them to dry again for a while.

Step 4: Test

Step 5: Warning

Please be sure to wash your hands after making these matches, phosphorus is toxic.



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Okay, you know you can buy strike anywhere matches, don't you? You do not have to go through this. Buy a bunch of them and store them in dry boxes, containers. I've been reading many of your posts and I can't help but wonder why you make so many simple things seem so complicated.

Buy some of those "strike anywhere" matches you speak of and try to strike them on a rock or the seat of your pants.

Well. These are not available in Finland either. I think that these amay be banned in EU, but not sure. I'd like to buy those but it's not possible to ship them from the States to Finland. At least it is very expensive because of strict safety regulations.

That's sad because strike any where matches are one of the ingredients in the orginal Molotov Cocktails that were developed in Finland, you should complain based on a historical and patriotic interest.

As far as I know, Finnish Molotov Cocktail had 12cm long, 60 second Storm Matches (Bengali Stick), not strike anywhere matches. Those would have been really dangerous. There were two sticks. The other was a spare one if you didn't have to throw the bottle on the first time. These Bengali Flares were stiked using matchbox striking surface.

Somehow, I think survival after civilization's fall will be quite simple for you, hmmm?

I hope you realise james that many countries do not produce strike anywhere matches.

Like Nigeria/ West Africa for instance

hi! to be clear what the article is about is turning 'safety matches' into friction matches, its not the Victorian recipe for 'strike anywhere matches' , so they wont strike on your silver or gold vesta cases ('match safe' if you're reading this in American.

Well it's not the Victorian recipe (victorian matches were extremely toxic), but.....maybe these might? I know they will strike on the seat of your pants. That said, they are way more dangerous, as they are extremely volatile.