Picture of How to make strike anywhere matches
You will need: Safety matches (with matchbox), sanding paper, a small container, something to stir with, a pair of pliers, a tube or a D-cell battery, and water.

You will also need something to lay the matches on, like a the edge of a table or this CD case that I used.

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Step 1: Sanding of phosphorus

Picture of Sanding of phosphorus
Sand off the phosphorus on the sides of the matchbox (striking surfaces) and put the powder in the container.

Step 2: Put on the phosphorus

Put a few drops if water in the container and stir well. Take the matches, one by one, and dip them in the mixture. Then lay them on the edge of the table/CD case.

Step 3: Cover the phosphorus

Picture of Cover the phosphorus
When they're dry, take some new matches and squeeze off the heads with the pliers, then pulverize the powder with the pipe or battery by pressing it down and rolling it over the powder and then put it in the container (if you're using the same container, be sure to wash out the leftover phosphorus). Add a few drops of water and stir well. Then dip the matches in the new mix so that you cover the phosphorus already on them and let them to dry again for a while.

Step 4: Test

Step 5: Warning

Please be sure to wash your hands after making these matches, phosphorus is toxic.
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benny8025 (author)  ilpug3 years ago
ilpug benny80253 years ago
Nice, I've always wanted to go there.
abraham993 years ago
wow..thanks for the very useful my country,doesn't sell strike anywhere matches (im in indonesia)
ElMarko3 years ago
I'd be careful storing them. The reason safety matches were invented was because the strike anywheres had a tendency to ignite by rubbing against each other during shipping.

Notice that the modern strike anywheres have a safety match head with a small dot of the strike anywhere material only on the tip so it doesn't rub against the abrasive surface of the neighboring matches.
that's absolutely true, but not only while shipping, imagine strike anywhere matches igniting in your jeans back pocket while squatting
I agree when i was board i threw strike anywheres at a wall and they lit
benny8025 (author)  ElMarko3 years ago
i saw one on youtube that droped one like these and it ignited, but i have never managed to do it
madmada ElMarko3 years ago
Once the phosphorus has been covered with a layer of "heads' they are pretty safe.
I threw a box at the wall with a few completed ones in it and nothing happened to them. :)
I was kind of hoping i could they would ignite like this, lol.
benny8025 (author)  ElMarko3 years ago
I have tested that and they did not ighite. The older ones contained sodium clorate i think it was that hwo made them unstable.
What if you dipped just the head in the mixture then it defantly wouldn't ignite in the box?
benny8025 (author)  freakyqwerty3 years ago
i just dip half of the head and then cover the phosphorus with the sulfur that is original on the matces so they will not ignite so easly when stored but will ignite better when you want them to.
Ah that makes more scence now
foobaz utne3 years ago
This is hilarious. It's quite a commentary on the times that you actually have to make your own strike-anywheres now. We used to be able to just buy them. My brother and I used to call them SAMs. We spent our time making really potent pyrotechnics instead. The SAMs were for fun. Kids at school, including us, made two types of match shooters using these as ammo--one made from a spring-loaded clothespin and one from a thread spool. Each one had its own merits. The clothespin one was really clever the way it operated but was inaccurate and didn't shoot very far. The spool one was mundane but shot straight and far. Both were self-igniting. The best SAMs by far were the Ohio Blue Tips which are no longer available. They had a dark blue head with a largish light blue strike tip. They always lit spectacularly. The worst ones made, and still available (Cabela's), naturally, were and are the Diamond red head/white tips. They light weakly and slowly and many of them just smoke and don't flame at all. The strike tip on both brands was about a third of the volume of the main head so they would light if you threw them against the pavement or scratched them with your fingernail like in the Westerns. This made them easy to light with the shooters. I don't think homemade ones would work becasue of the small tip but they might. BTW you can make smoke from the fingertips by lighting an ordinary paper match striker and smearing the phosphorous reside on your fingers and rubbing them together. Ah, the simple pleasures of the common match...
Very sad, but it is true that we have to make "SAMs".
skyheart3 years ago
Where do u get the sanding
benny8025 (author)  skyheart3 years ago
at any workshop i belive. you can use a knife if you cant find paper
oh ok thx
blade973 years ago
the water weakens the heads, the red ignitor stuff rubs off once they have dried, my ones the heads came off completely. I don't know if it was the way I did it or if it was the brand, red heads, about the only brand in australia
cool instructable. I didn't know the sides of the boxes had red phosphorus on them! I remember the old white phosphorus strike anywhere matches, but I haven't seen them in years. None of the local stores carry them in my area of the USA, Kansas City, MO. Great info to know. Thanks! I will definitely give this a try.
you can get em in most grocery stores here in FL, im coming up there to go to KCAI for the summer maybe i can bring you some!
sounds great to me. Keep me posted on your arrival. I haven't checked Ace Hardware Stores. Didn't think about them. Usually shop at various stores that only carry the safety matches.
live in USA and bought strike anywheres for 4 of july. got them on the shelves right before you exit the hardware store near the charcoal
you can get them anywhere in canada
I thought they quit making them cant get them in illinois either.... havnt been able to buy them since the 911 ordeal
WareShoals3 years ago
OK we get it... most of us can buy 'strike anywhere matches' but you gotta' admit this is cool! Benny... good job!
zuluninja3 years ago
Im confused. The match heads being squeezed out are the same matches that were dipped already in the phosphorus?
benny8025 (author)  zuluninja3 years ago
no it's not the dipped ones
Cool. I will try this over the weekend. I have been searching the local grocery and outdoor stores and nobody has this type of matches
screw the weekend im gonna do it now!!
Pizzapie5003 years ago
I haven't done this yet, but I think lighter fluid would be better than using water.
benny8025 (author)  Pizzapie5003 years ago
thi lighter fluid will just evaporate under the process.
Oh, then don't do that lol.
madmada3 years ago
Tried two batches last night, didnt have much luck with the first lot, i could hear a few of them "clicking" sounding like they were sort of igniting.
The second batch i made only about 15 and got a couple of these to light :)
Im going to try it again tonight with different matches, i will look for a packet that a large continuous strike pad to sand off, instead of the "red" brand ones i used that only have the little honeycomb strike pads.
I am thinking that i wasn't getting enough phosphorus of the honeycomb pattern.
benny8025 (author)  madmada3 years ago
dont get to much cardboard of the match box. and let them dry good.
Whoop whoop, i made another batch of about 20 last night and only 3 didnt work.
The first lot i made had lots of cardboard fuzz in them, so thats probably why they were not very good.
Also this time i used a much smaller lid to dip the heads into.
I have used them all already, so it looks like i will be making more tonight!
Thanks heaps for this 'ible benny8025 :)
benny8025 (author)  madmada3 years ago
do you do step 3 and out?
benny8025 (author)  madmada3 years ago
take a look at this video:
Yep, this was the video i watched on "lifehacker" yesterday, cheers :)
benny8025 (author)  madmada3 years ago
dont strike them to hard remember that if you make take some matches and a random box be sure that the matches will strike on the box.
MINNIE-DOO3 years ago
The hack is ok, But you can buy stike anywere matches @ Ace Hardware stores. For about $2.00
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