Well, it's Halloween again! 
Last year, my work schedule made me miss out on the opportunity to make my kids' crazy ideas into costumes. So when my schedule looked promising this year I asked the four monsters what they wanted to be.  Three of them were easy, Dr Who (eleventh doctor), Steve from Minecraft, and the Phantom of the opera.  But then my youngest, who you might recall was the driving force behind the Xenomorph costume, decided he wanted to be a character from his new favorite movie, Pacific Rim.  Not satisfied with being the main robot character, Gipsy Danger, which there are a couple of costume examples already floating around the internet for, he wanted to be the Australian Brawler, Striker Eureka!  I couldn't find anybody who has attempted this craziness yet so, .. I turned to my favorite costume media, cardboard! And jumped right in. All in all, whith Paint and all other accessory parts this costume cost me about 25 bucks.... not bad.

Step 1: Making the Chest

Striker Eureka has such a distinctive jutting chest I thought I'd start here. I cut a piece of cardboard for half of the upper chest then just used it for a template and cut the other half.  all of the pieces are just cut as needed and hot glued in place...Ah, hot glue, where would I be without you. I snuck behind a local mini-mall and scavenged the cardboard out of the recycling dumpster. Any guesses where these pieces came from?
<p>Thanks for your Instuctable. We could not have made our costume without your excellent tutorial. We made ours a little lighter because the kid was shorter. It was so nice to find the exact Jaeger he wanted to be. </p>
thanks so much! I'm glad my instructive helped out!
<p>this... is really cool. also, pacific rim is also my favorite movie lol</p>
<p>i followed you for this and your cool costumes</p>
<p>man... i dont know how youmake the costume.. ifind awesome people like you to make costumes.</p>
<p>cool i am making one abot 5 times biger</p>
That is an awesome kids costume.
It looks so good! Especially love how you did the hands and visor.
Thank you!
I love that it cost so little but still looks great. My kid's homemade costumes run in the hundreds of dollars because of all the trial and error. I will definitely use some of your techniques for my next costume endeavors. Thank you.

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