Step 5: To arms! to Arms!

Picture of To arms! to Arms!
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Striker 's arms are some of the cooler parts of him, I love the finned elbow guards and the round saucers on his shoulders, not to forget the double blades at the end of his arms.  The elbow guards I drew freehand, well, with a ruler.  I had to trim them down a bit because I forgot I wasn't making this for me... but for my mini-me. to add the extra dimension to them you just need to cut a smaller shape for the outside , then make strips to fill in the space, mounted at an angle of course.  The shoulder discs are paper plates glued to cardboard oblongs, with a separator disc glued between them You may notice in some of the pics the discs are glued directly to the upper arm boxes and in later pics they are lifted away at about a 30 degree angle. I liked that better.  Had to buy some Jersey gloves, $1.00 that is just cereal box cardboard cut into diamonds and glued to the gloves.  
Ok, now I had to buy some paint.  The grey is just cheap grey primer, the gold and silver paint is a little more.
Paint, $15.00  Total so far? $23.00 Still not Bad!  The arm blades are cut out of an old Rubbermade tote lid. then sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard.  Silver accents make them look sharp.
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