Introduction: Striker


The Striker is my favorite gun so far,
And now you can build it too!!!!!

(it sucks..... don't even look at it)

One really awesome thing about this gun, is that:  it is interchangeable in between a single shot sniper, and an assault rifle with a removable magazine and it can get at least 70 feet with good rubber bands.


- Sick Range
- True Trigger
- Magazine Fed
- Removable Mag!
- Comfy handle
- Great Stock
- Very Sturdy
- Looks Incredible

Enjoy, Rate and Please Subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Body/stock

Read image notes please :)

Step 2: Body/trigger/handle

Step 3: Middle Body/mag

NOTE/CLARIFICATION: there are two different things... you can put on the thing for a mag but not be able to shoot in single shot or you can put in the other thing and have the powerful single shot but not be able to put in the mag

Step 4: Internal Barrel

Step 5: Finishing Up

this part will get a bit tricky... you will need to take apart the other side panel from the first step in order to do this... add anything you see added :)



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    107 Discussions

    The Striker is my favorite gun so far,
    And now you can build it too!!!!! (it sucks..... don't even look at it)

    i wasnt joking........... seriously...... it sucks...

    Awesome gun! How many bits does it need 'cos I've got a lot of knex but I don't know if I'll be able to build it and how long is it?

    1 reply

    the main thing you want to watch is your green bits and i think its about as long as your leg but i dont really remeber.... its still pretty sweet though....

    Let's seee.... Hmmm, I looked through all the steps, and it doesn't tell me anywhere what kind of bullets it shoots. Is it orange conector and grey connector?

    2 replies

    nice. how do you put the ram rod in, and where do you put the rubberbands?

     Dude i like this  and like it alot!! i built it using up almost all of my good peices but the thing is FRIKEN AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work and let me know if you make any more :)

    cause i got pissed off at it.... mag doesnt work very well