Picture of String Art Necklace
I loved playing with a spirograph as a kid.  This necklace takes little more than string and fabric glue to recreate the look of the sirograph drawings using string art techniques.
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Step 1: Make the jig for wrapping string

Picture of Make the jig for wrapping string
Trace a circle on cork board or foam.

Mark dots at equal points around the circle.

Shove toothpicks, bamboo skewers, or little nails into the dots.

If you're using toothpicks or bamboo, it would help to coat them with a little melted beeswax; brush it on with a paintbrush, then re-melt it with a hair dryer to smooth it out.

Step 2: Wrap the string

Picture of Wrap the string
Choose a color string.  Wrap it around one peg of the jig or tape it to the board to secure it.

Choose the number of pegs to skip for your first necklace link.  For this one, I skipped four pegs and wrapped the string over the fifth peg.

Keep skipping pegs and wrapping the string in a pattern you like.

When finished, secure the other end of the string by wrapping it around a peg or taping it to the board.
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space4money21 days ago

I love it!

Beautifully done

Silly question.... how about trying this project with wire?
twighahn2 years ago
gold thread and copper thread
nanaverm2 years ago
Tres' cool! I do this on paper, called spirelli, but this is incredible! Thank you for this instructable.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Hey congratulations on being a featured author! I wanted you to know I used this project last year with 150 campers, and they LOVED IT!! :)
alisonb3 years ago
These are beautiful
MicioGatta3 years ago
Using polystyrene and white yarn, I could do xmas decorations with my pupils at school next december. Thank you for the great idea!!!!!
skimmo3 years ago
they look like tattoos
auntylulu3 years ago
Mega Cool!
Yay for "ADD" people
keep it comming!
calinschki3 years ago
Wow! Gonna try this today!
kerikins3 years ago
Yay!!! Another ADDer here! I love to see what so many deem as problems to their advantage!!! Multi -tasking and thinking way outside the box! Where would we be without BIG thinkers? Without cars,electricity, get the idea. Everything in this world began with a single thought...You are an inspiration! As far as your views on autism I completely agree. Temple Grandin would be proud!
Keri p.s I am writing your comment about making more stuff in my journal it's really good!
quinchles3 years ago
Neat! I thought of doing something like this a while ago, but couldn't figure out how to make the thread stiff. I guess I should try it now with the fabric glue :)
I absolutely love this! And I am thinking of different ways to vary this to make gifts for people, it would look cool as a book mark I think but is it sticky? Or once the glue dries is it not sticky? (I have never used fabric glue before)
margann4 years ago
Way cool! I think they would make great earrings.
Really awesome idea! How fragile would you say the end product is? That's my only fear is that I'd destroy my work too easily.
supersoftdrink (author)  mooseinakilt4 years ago
If you use fabric glue, it's pretty resilient. I can crumple the links into a ball and they spring back into shape.

I'm not sure it would hold up so well if I used something like starch instead.
Thank you very much :) That's reassuring! I'll have to post up a pic when I try it out.
KreaKatri4 years ago
Wow, really really nice!
They look amazing, and just think of all the possibilities with different types of string, and how you assemble them.
It might also look good in sort of a "cluster" where they are partly on top of each other.
Can't wait to get started :)
Great thinking!
amstewart4 years ago
Could you also use liquid starch? My grandmother used to crochet ornaments and then used liquid starch to make them hold their form. She would keep them pinned down or otherwise held the way she wanted to them to stay and then soaked them in it. Then she would just leave them a few days to dry completely.
I would imagine this would also work, but I have not tried it.
Madrigorne4 years ago
I am going to make them out of unbundled scsi cable and then attach them all over a dress, or my coat, or my hat, or my barrettes, or all o the above...also my purse.... These are so amazing. I will prolly use silicone sealant to goob them together instead of fabric glue - as they won't soak in the gluey goodness. I wonder if I could do this, and then also include LEDs and a batterypack... oh this will be fun...
Kaelessin4 years ago
I could see these taking off quite quickly! The main image looks really steampunk too which I like. These would make great pendants too no?
I was thinking exactly the same thing...

You could also use these to decorate a notebook or something.

Oh dude... dip 'em in clear Plastidip!!!!
excellent plan!
edwoodard4 years ago
If I'm not mistaken the Victorians used to do something similar with the hair of their dead loved ones. cf. Antique Road show. Ya can't make this stuff up, folks!
blopez4 years ago
As you mentioned, someone will be selling them. Check out Etsy:
hammer98764 years ago
Very creative. The fact that it is something I can make from the things I have around the house just awesome. I, too, was just fascinated by spirograph. I think I still have mine stuffed away in the closet. Too cool to throw away.
bptakoma4 years ago
Awesome! I lovedall those hours with the spirograph too. These could also be donereally big for wall art or mobiles, maybe use acrylic medium or paverpol with rope. Or use wire. Wonderful -- keep sharing the great ideas.
framistan4 years ago
Your string idea seems to be something i can use on an instructable i am almost done with. I am building a big studio-microphone but the faceplate grille looks REALLY BAD.... and your string-weaving idea i think will really help me. here is a picture of what i am building and you will see how bad it looks. Thanks because now i will be able to re-do the grille and it will look GOOD when i get done. Weaving wires is not as easy to do as string looks.
I like what you've done with this. I think it would be stellar if you changed up the shape of the final project so it wasn't just a circle of shapes, but so it had that plus a 'strand' of smaller shapes that hung straight down the back or the front or both or... so many choices! Brilliant work!
terig4 years ago
This is gorgeous - I can't wait to make it! I, too, loved spirograph, so this is gonna be awesome!
myraelise4 years ago
I am going to have to try these. I'll just add that to my list of hundreds of projects! Wish I had thought of it!
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Do you have to skip an even number of strings? I am just wondering because for some things it has to be either an even or an odd number...
It's a division problem, if the total number of pegs is divisible by the number you're skipping, then some pegs won't be used.
Thank you very much.
Could you use spray starch instead of glue? I wonder if you used it at least for the first part before you took it off the pegs. I'm going to have to investigate this option. Great tutorial!
Kryptonite4 years ago
That's awesome! The end out product of them all put together is very smart of you to come up with, and looks brilliant! You could probably sell them on etsy if ou wanted.
Lettucehead4 years ago
I love it! I tcould make this on my knitting loom! But does it actually have yarn in it?
supersoftdrink (author)  Lettucehead4 years ago
All the black is thin yarn. :) The colored stuff is embroidery floss.
onrust4 years ago
Beautifully done........ but you must know that.
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