I made some string (yarn) eggs for Easter but they are a little different, they have little treats inside.  I made several with small chocolate eggs in them.  You can also place little toys or notes in as well, perfect for giving as gifts for Easter.

I also made a real looking egg with yolk using the same technique.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

  • Small water balloons (I was lucky to find balloons that were roughly the same size and shape as real eggs)
  • Crochet thread/ embroidery thread/ yarn/string etc.
  • Chocolate, small toys or trinkets to place inside eggs                                                                      
  • Equal parts granulated sugar and water
  • Pin, fine scissors and tweezers
  • Measuring cup, cooking pot, and spoon for stirring
  • Optional: pump for blowing up balloons

<p>We tried sugar/water, glue/water, cornstarch/glue/water, and then just liquid starch but they aren't hardening up, they are collapsing, what are we doing wrong?</p>
<p> i dont have any thread, what other materials could you use instead?</p>
<p>You could try finely cut strips of paper or fabric.</p>
<p>About 1/4 cup corn starch to 1 cup water.</p>
Won't work with the string yolk, but you can use water instead of air and freeze the balloon to have a firmer work surface, so you could make designs with the string. And you can freeze chocolate, so you could still put candy treats in the center for Easter.
<p>will the glue harden as the ice melts in the balloon? Sounds like a good idea, I can't seem to wrap my string tight enough with an air balloon, not to mention I have always hated handling balloons ever since I was a child. Just curious if the glue or sugar water mixture will harden</p>
<p>if a person was to use the liquid starch, what is the ratio of starch to water?</p>
<p>I want to make one soo bad but I don't have all of the stuff I need to make it.</p>
<p>how do you get the sweeties out without destroying the egg please? </p>
<p>what did you place these on to harden? I want to make them but Don't know where to put them</p>
<p>I found the best way is to tie string around the knotted end of the balloon and hang it from something (in a warm dry place) with newspaper or paper towels underneath to catch drips.</p>
<p>I can't find water balloons. Would standard birthday balloons work?</p>
<p>Sure, that would work!</p>
<p>I wanted to make the eggs so I tried the glue and that didn't work so I tried the starch and that as well did not work. I live in a humid area so didn't try the sugar.</p>
<p>That is odd, perhaps it needed longer for the glue to dry. </p>
As a thought, you might be able to use an edible substance like caramel or some candy that can be applied in strings that will dry hard. That would allow you to make the yolk edible too, or possibly have chocolate unwrapped in the middle. Another interesting idea would be to build up layers of edible strings with the chocolate center.<br><br>~adamvan2000
see those strawberry laces or liquorice you can get ? if you could find a way to solidify them around a balloon then youd be all good =D totally edible.
Wonder if the sugar solution would cause them to harden? You wouldn't want to soak them, just get them wet. And a blow dryer set on low/air dry might make the process go faster. =D
Making the whole thing edible sounds like an interesting idea.
I wonder - do you think it would be possible to wrap the string around the balloon before dipping it in the sugar solution (less messy), and THEN dip it into or brush it with the sugar solution?
You need to saturate the string with the solution. If you wrap it in the string before saturating it, you will wind up with a sugar shell between the strings, and need a lot more sugar solution to cover the entire object.
You can try it that way, it may be easier, let me know how it works out.
Thank you for posting this! It brings back memories :)
this is another way blow up a ballon then pva some string to a ballon then pop the ballon and cut a hole in the string and you can decorate it with bunny ears,whisker,teeth and nose then put eggs in the mouth. (:
That is so cute! I thought it would have to be so complicated to get chocolate in that string egg, but it's so easy! Awesome!
I love these! I made a egg before, but used a large balloon. It turned out great. I cut a hole in the egg on the side then filled the bottom with plastic grass, and used it as my daughter's Easter basket and put all of her candy and a few toys in it. I also spray painted it.
Sounds really cool!
I LOVE this idea! so cute!
im doing this as a demonstrations speach hahah i love this
I voted for you in the egg bot challenge. I really liked this one.
I love this instructable. 5 Stars and a vote for you!
so brilliantly simple. <br>a friend of mine had a similar idea but it involved wrapping the string around a ball of newspaper and when it hardens, painstakingly ripping and pulling out the paper bit by bit :D <br> i give ger credit for creativity but this is much more frikkin simpler !
Aww! Haha I was going to make a tutorial like this before...too late...Thats ok, good job anyways!
That is really cool, I wish I had seen this sooner. Next year, I suppose!
This may be a crazy idea, but what about blowing up the balloon, laying down the sugary string with a &quot;window&quot; in one side, letting it dry, popping the balloon, extracting the balloon, then filling the egg with chocolates or whatever, then adding more sugary string over the window?
That's a good idea, you would be able to fit more or bigger stuff inside that way.
Could you not use glue in place of the sugar water?
You probably could though I haven't tried it myself.&nbsp; Domestic_engineer stiffened yarn with glue in this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Crocheted-Hot-Air-Balloon-Mobile/step2/Stiffen-the-yarn/">instructable</a>
your welcome!
I love the originality of this project. I have seen string put around eggs before dyeing but not to make an Egg by itself. I like this idea as they could be added to an Easter egg tree or other project.
Thanks, my mom used to hang dyed hollowed out eggs from tree branches in a vase, I just gave her some string eggs that I made, they will be nice for hanging.
Fantastic. I was considering tatting an Easter egg but didnt know if I wanted a shell on the inside. I think the balloon idea might help. I made a turtle medallion from tatting. This might be a way to display it.
I'd love to see an instructable on how you made your turtle. I hope to learn tatting someday.
Very cool, Chrys.....and happy Easter! Would using a hair dryer speed up the process? I use one to dry water colors and acrylics, don't have the patience to wait 24 hrs!
Yes, that should help speed up the drying. Happy Easter!

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