Step 7: Chocolate Egg

I made some eggs with chocolate inside you can also place small toys in as well, these would be great as gifts.  Of course your probably thinking to get them out you need to destroy the egg, true.  If you don't want to do that you can place small decorative items or trinkets and leave them in permanently.  You can also write little messages or names on craft foam and place inside the balloon.

To make these, the directions are essentially the same as the egg with yolk:
  • Stretch the opening of the balloon and stuff you chocolate or item inside, I was able to fit two small chocolate eggs.  It is best to use solid chocolate (the hollow ones may get crushed) and don't use pointy toys or they will tear the balloon.
  • Inflate the balloon and tie the end tightly.
  • Proceed to wrap the balloon with sugared thread as in step 3.  I choose thread to complement the colour of the chocolate wrappers.
  • Hang from a string  and place in a warm (not too warm or you'll melt your chocolate) dry spot to dry.
  • Place newspaper underneath to catch any drippings also you may need to dab the bottom of the balloon as it dries.