String Lamp


Introduction: String Lamp

Hi this is my first instructable and i thought i could make something with string as there is/was a string contest.

For this project you will need :

  1. 12 bamboo sticks
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. String
  4. Neopixel 8 pixel led stick ( + the library to run them which is on the website.
  5. Arduino uno R3
  6. Breadboard Wires + Normal Wires
  7. Soldering Iron

And a base.

PLZ note that the RGBW Neopixel stick does not work with the RGB library which i give a link to in step 4

Step 1: Building the Frame

First you want to get 4 bamboo sticks and place them in a square then heat up your hot glue gun and hot glue them together. Then I uses another bamboo stick to pick it off the cardboard. Now you have got your square. you will want to make 2 of these. Once you have got two you can hot glue the other four facing up. finally you hot glue the other square two the top of the four sticks that are facing up.

Step 2: String

First you want to tie a knot on one side of your cube then basically you want to kepp rapping it round and round. I stopped when I ran out of string and i didn't even do half so I evened it out and hot glued the string to the bamboo stick to stop it from falling.

Step 3: Soldering

First you will want to solder 3 wires to din, gnd and 5+DC then i put the other ends into the breadboard and i got the breadboard wires and then put them into the arduino and connected then to the ends of the led wires but through the breadboard.


din = digital pin 3

gnd = gnd

5+DC = 5V

Step 4: Programing

If you have got the library then this bit is simple but if you havent the go get it at:

So first you want to change the number of leds to 8 ( if you dont know where any of the code is look at the pics)

Then where it says #define PIN 6 you want to change it to 3 or any pin depending on which pin you put DIN on.

And then you want to upload the code the arduino and you are done.



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    I like how it makes the string light up.