Make your own String Voodoo Dolls!

Okay...let's start with a disclaimer.
I did this project with my 10 and 8 year old kids.
I thought this would be a fun kid craft...but it turned out
to be a little harder than anticipated...
so I ended up doing all the wrapping...
and they came in to decorate.

This would be a fun gift for kids to give their friends!
Funny little stocking stuffers too!

Step 1: What You'll Need...

So here is what you'll need:
Pipe cleaners
Wooden Bead or ball (ours are balls with a hole half way through it)
Embroidery floss
School glue
Hot glue
<p>How long does it take the glue to dry in each step?</p>
<p>Wow, super cool!!</p>
<p>i didnt have a wooden ball or bead so i made my head out of piipecleaner and just wrapped it around a bunch of times and it worked great!</p>
What size beads do you need
What size wooden bead do you need
<p>These are adorable. My daughter has decided she wants to be a voodoo doll for Halloween, these will be perfect little accents!</p>
these are so totally cute &hearts;
I love these i made one and it's so cute
So cool I am going to make a couple for my little sisters
Nvm it took me one night to make my voodoo doll and I love mine!
How long would you say it takes to make one?
Wow, these ate wicked!! I love em' especially the yellow one!
This is awesome I'm making this right now!!
It's got Voodoo in the name MUST BE GOOD! you really live up to my expectations for voodoo dolls
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you! Seriously, YAY so glad you are a finalist!
Altough my project is in too, I'm voting for you. <br>Awesome project!
The yellow smiley face one is my favorite - so cute. About how much embroidery floss did you need for one doll?
Oh, good question! I used about 2 full things of floss. One for the body and one for the head. Thanks!
This is cool, I think even I could do it!
Thanks, and yes, I am sure you could do it! Part of their charm is they aren't super perfect--easy! :)
These are awesome! Well done! (I voted for ya, good luck!)
Thanks! We had so much fun...I kind of wish I didn't make them with my kids, I could have put them in their stockings! Oh well! :) fun all year!
Oh man, those would have been great stocking stuffers! They would make super cute gift tags for gifts as well! WOOT! I can now vote for you and did so, good luck!
I got ahead of myself I went up to make the vote after I posted and you aren't listed yet, no worries as soon as they put you in, you have my vote. :)
Awesome! They kind of remind me of these little worry dolls I used to have :)
Thanks again! Just your comment brought back 20 year old memories of those worry dolls! So cool in elementary school! :)
I love the little gnome! These remind me of the worry dolls I had as a kid. Very cute. :D
Thanks! I totally forgot about worry dolls...I made a hair barrette with them when I was 11! Awesome, I should do some of them! :)

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