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Introduction: String and Nail Art `World Map´

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This is my version of a Nail and String Art ´World Map`.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need for this world map:

- plywood (or any other wood) (make sure that it is at least 1 cm thick)

- string

- nails

- hammer

*I used 200gr of nails, 200m string and a piece of wood (about 40*60 cm)

Step 2: Find a Motif and Fix It

Find a motif and print it out. You can use a map from the store but I guess it´s cheaper to just print it out and adjust it to size of your piece of wood.

Tape the sheets together and fix them to the plywood. Make sure it is centered.

Step 3: Nail It

Now hammer the nails to the outlines of your motive. Leave about 1 cm between each nail.

Step 4: Outline

Knot one end of your string to one of the nails and outline the whole motive. Make sure that you wrap the string around each nail to make sure that the string will not flip of the nails. Make a knot at the end.

When you make a world, outline each continent and island by itself.

Once the outlining is done remove the paper. I used a tweezer for that. It takes propably the most time, next to the hammering.

Step 5: String Chaos

When you have outlined the motive you can beging to make a string chaos.

I did not have a specific pattern that I followed. I just started at one point and stopped when I thought it was good.

You could use different colours, depending on your motive and taste.

Step 6: There You Go

There you go - Sting Nail Art `World Map´



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Awesome! it's the most beautiful world map I've ever seen!

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Thank you!

Kudos for not using the Mercator projection!

I saw a picture of the "World Islands" in Dubai recently and I was like "really?". They made Greenland almost as big as Africa. Shame...

I also liked the projection employed for this piece of art. I'd like to think it was on purpose, but could've been just by chance... :D

I choose it on purpose :D I had the other map printed out but it looked strange so I choose this one.

That's great! Thanks for the instructable!