Strip a Wire With... Dental Floss?





Introduction: Strip a Wire With... Dental Floss?

Strip a wire without wire strippers... With dental floss? This is my first instructable :) I got this idea because I was trying to find a way to strip my wires, but there was nothing on the internet, so I came up with a somewhat clever way to strip the ends of wire. remember to vote!

Step 1: Getting the Right Wire

Make sure it is a size similar to dental floss. Could be thicker or thinner, as long as it's not a huge cable!

Step 2: Get Your Floss!

Make sure it is one like this, not the tooth pick looking ones, and make sure it is empty or nobody will use it!!! We don't want anyone to have wire insulation in their teeth!

Step 3: Strip Away!

Put the wire in the place the floss gets cut, and pull it just as you would regular floss. This works best with the wires that have one thick wire in it, instead of the ones with multiple thin ones.

Step 4: Thanks for Watching!

Check out my YouTube channel, I make animations, thanks :)



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    Thank you :D I really appreciate it! This is my first instructable, and I'm really excited!

    Well, keep 'em coming! Definetly vote-worthy.

    Haha, Thanks, i really appreciate it! (That was a good pun xD)

    And to think I threw one away last week... sigh. Oh well, just 46 more yards to go until I've got an empty pocket sized stripper.

    1 reply

    aww, but an idea is take out the floss and save it for a future project, because floss is usually extremely durable, and when a few pieces are braided together, it can withstand the weight of a human. Other instructables that require string, like a crossbow, floss is much better and stronger :) REMEMBER TO Vote!!!

    Thank you! remember to vote!

    Oooohh, that's clever! I'm totally doing this and I will spool the wire inside. I'm always looking for different lengths of wire.

    1 reply

    thanks! That's a good idea! remember to vote for me! :D