Stripe Crochet Beanie Cap




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Introduction: Stripe Crochet Beanie Cap

This will show how to change colors each round while making a beanie cap.

Crochet Stripe Beanie Cap Written Instructions



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    Hi :3 this is Cosmicbrambleclaw from Youtube, for some reason when I get to the part after my first round where I pull the string and it closes in on itself mine only closes halfway if at all so I'm left with a hole a bit smaller or larger than a dime

    Can you help?

    why thank you, i shall make a hat now ;] i have made one before, and i would like to see you attempt it (sorry i didn't get and side views, but i just added the sides on after, then i made a border around everything) here a pic:

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    You are welcome. Are you talking about those long ear flap thingys with the tie?

    How do you make ear flap thingys like that? thats awesome!

    btw this is a great tutorial.  these make awesome christmas gifts!

    thank you! I found another site with your videos too and made a puff stitch hat!!!!! Im very proud. its my first hat too!

     thank very much for the video i can make a awesome beanie

    I used this instructable to make a hat for christmas. It was super informative and worked great, the only thing I would add is that, obviously, for larger heads if you are going to use a knit this tight you should increase your rows a little more and expect it to be a little snug. Thanks for the great instructable though! I have had so much fun making hats now.

    The video has over 1000 views and is working. There have been some technical issues over at Youtube.

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    I retract my statement. Video is now working and I give you 4 stars for a very informative instructable. Now I just have to find someone to crochet some beanies for me :)