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Introduction: Striped Gradient Pillow

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I bought this basic pillowcase and pillow insert from Ikea. While it's nice and big at 26" across it's also boring to have a plain white pillow. So with some painter's tape and fabric paint I made this striped circular gradient effect.

Step 1: Prep Pillowcase

To get the pillowcase ready, I put down several pieces of painter's tape across it like in the picture here. I also put a piece of cardboard inside for a better painting surface and to prevent paint from bleeding through to the other side.

Step 2: Paint!

There wasn't too much planning here. I poured out some black and white fabric paint on cardboard and mixed it up to get a few different hues. I then kept painting onto the pillowcase for a circular gradient effect.

Once the paint is on, let it at least dry to the touch before removing the tape.

Step 3: Stuff It Up

Once the paint has completely dried you can stuff the pillow insert inside and prop it up in a nice place to sit. For better long-term use, and the ability to wash the pillowcase, iron the pillowcase to heat set the fabric paint.



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    I love it! Thanks for the instructable...I paint on pillowcases and pillows too!

    Great idea. Makes it seem transparant...

    It resembles an eye looking back at you. Awesome

    Very nice.. and simple..!

    Simple & clever!