Picture of Striped Nails
In this tutorial, I will show you how to make
elegantly striped nails. Enjoy and have fun!
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Step 1: What you will need:

Picture of What you will need:
What you will need:
1.Sally Hansen mystic lilac polish
2. White polish
3.A dark purple nail art brush polish
4.Clear polish
5. Scotch tap

Step 2: Step One-

Picture of Step One-
Anna's instructables pictures 024.jpg
Anna's instructables pictures 021.jpg
Add a base coat of clear polish to protect 
your natural nail. Then place a piece of tape diagonally
across half you nail.

Step 3: Step Two-

Picture of Step Two-
Paint  two coats of a solid white in the place
where you marked the tape.

Step 4: Step Three-

Picture of Step Three-
Anna's instructables pictures 029.jpg
Anna's instructables pictures 028.jpg
When dry, peel the tape off carefully.

Step 5: Step Four-

Picture of Step Four-
 Paint the light 
purple polish where it is not

Step 6: Step Five-

Picture of Step Five-
Anna's instructables pictures 032.jpg
 Paint a stripe in the middle of the purple
 and white.

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Anna's instructables pictures 034.jpg
 Seal off your design with a coat of clear polish.
I hope you have enjoyed this nail design.
Tell me what you think by commenting.
 Thanks and Enjoy!
momoluv2 years ago
These are really cool. I love the elegance in the stripes.
rrkrose2 years ago
Simple and beautiful.
ashbegash (author)  rrkrose2 years ago
Thank you so much! :)
sabu.dawdy3 years ago
beauty :)
Very pretty!
ashbegash (author)  Inspirationn3 years ago
Thanks! Glad you liked it!