Stripes! Blanket


Introduction: Stripes! Blanket

One of my favorite things about crocheting is making gifts for other people. My two submitted afghans and tote bag were presents for friends and family. I thought, it's time to make myself something finally. So I decided to make Lion Brand's Stripes! Blanket. I started it immediately after my Special Effects bag, and the blanket took me about a week and a half. I used Vanna's Choice yarn of 12 different colors following Lion Brand's Pattern, except for the color "Dusty" which I substituted for "Linen." I crocheted it with a size K hook because my gauge was too small. Using a size K hook, for me, made it come out perfect. It has three rounds of border using all 12 colors; 3 colors on each of the 4 sides of the blanket. It totaled 96 rows and approximately 45" x 65". It's warm, beautiful, and works up fast! I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a great gift for themselves or someone else!



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    I like this blanket. Its very pretty especially on the spider man sheets back drop. TeeHee. I think the color choices was great!

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    yay! someone noticed my awesome spider-man sheets! im such a kid sometimes. :) Thanks for the blanket comment too!

    Hey I couldn't help but notice the Yoga poster on your wall. Do you practice yoga?

    thanks so much! wow you're on here a lot.