Strisser; White Rabbit Girl





Introduction: Strisser; White Rabbit Girl

Custom order for my niece who was turning 10. I think it's sort of the personification of the rabbit she has in the back-yard. It was ordered to be with long ears, black and brown spots. Found it too difficult with the black and brown spots in the end, so only a brown blotch around the eyes. Isn't she cute?

I'm using the basic stitch counting from the Robot published in Craft nr1 and created by ElisabethD available at

I am adjusting the pattern slightly making the legs longer, and with time I have developed a special type of eyes.

Rabbit-girl is wearing big white hairy moonboots with brown and rose striped socks that reach above the knee. It's undecided whether she's wearing a short mini skirt or if they are hot-pants..Rabbit-girl even has a fluffy bob/scut/bush/tail.



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    She's precious... I love the different textures!!!

    Beautiful work!

    Thanks!, comments like this makes the work double worth

    So sweet, she has such pretty eyes.

    I would like to think she's wearing hot pants!

    @jessyratfink: Like! it was intented to be a skirt, but then it turned out so tight that it now looks more like hotpants