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Introduction: Strobe Project With CD Player

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If you get the strobe frequency right, you can match it with a spinning CD. But Remember, the CD rpm slows down as it gets farther into the tracks.

Note: the lable on the CD is just "I LOVE YOU" broken into 4 pieces and evenly distributed into 4 quadrants.

This video doesn't do it justice since the frame rate isn't fast enought to keep up with the strobe. It looks much better in person.

I built the strobe using a 555 timer and a pot for freq adjustment.



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    Thanks ... darn wireless keyboard misses a stroke every once in a while. I think I need to move the receiver closer. The strobe was just a 555 time you can get at radio shack. it's a very commont timer circuit. You can find schematics on building an LED flasher using this chip online. You can also find graphs and charts that tell you what resistors will produce what frequency. Once you know about what frequency you want you can get a pot or a pot with a resistor that is close and adjust the pot to match the freq exactly. If you can't find anything online let me know and I'll find some and send you the links.

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    I might do that. On the CD speed, could you burn a CD with one shot track and get it to auto-repeat? (I don't know) L

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    that is pretty awesome.