In Regina people do not seem to shovel their sidewalks. here is a $20 solution

Step 1: The Gear

you need a cheap snowboard and your stroller

Step 2: Prep Work

remove the foot bindings. They are probably held on with 4 screws or bolts

Step 3: Saw

Jig saw the board in half

Step 4: Re-assemble

mark off new holes. line up the heel part of the boot toward the front. This will hold the front tires well.

Step 5: Binding

Be sure to use both straps, one through the front of the tire and one through the back.

Step 6: Ride

Glide through the city of unshoveled sidewalks.
<p>Genius :))))</p>
something I wouldn't be surprised to be seen rolling done Dewdney in January ;)
Awesome idea! Don't let the snow stop you!
Saskatchewan winters lol
I like!
great idea!!
Oh, that's a neat trick!

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