Picture of Strong Cardboard Duct Tape Tablet Case
This is an Instructable on how to make your own affordable case for your tablet, and in most cases this case will turn out much stronger and more protective than most cases you pay upwards of $30-$40 for. The two main supplies you'll need are gonna be cardboard and of course duct tape. 
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Step 1: Gather your Materials

Picture of Gather your Materials
First thing first gather up your material. For this I'm using black duct tape. You could be more experimental with all of the different types of duct type out there.

1. cardboard
2. duct tape
3. Scissors/ x-acto knife
4. velcro straps
5. some kind of cushioned material
6. marker or some kind of writing utensil 

Step 2: Trace around tablet on cardboard and cutout

Picture of Trace around tablet on cardboard and cutout
Set your tablet on top of the cardboard and trace around it with your marker making an outline of your tablet onto the cardboard. Take your scissors or x-acto knife and cut out the outline. Repeat this step so that you end up with two cardboard pieces cut to the size of your tablet.

Step 3: Add cushion and Tape

Picture of Add cushion and Tape
Now that you have the cardboard cutout you can take whatever you are using for a small cushion and cut it to fit the cardboard. After you have the cushion cut you can go ahead and set your cushion on your cardboard and start to wrap it in the duct tape to hold it on. You can get real creative in the way that you tape it up , but for this instructable I just kept it simple.Wrap up until it is completely covered with the duct tape. Repeat for both sides.
DJShy3 made it!6 months ago
Wonderful instructions! This project was fairly simple, fun, and very, very useful and sturdy for something less than $10 for me, since I already had plush stuff and cardboard.
dan440ss2 years ago
This is literally awesome! Haha
SirPhobos15 (author)  dan440ss2 years ago
Ha ha appreciate it I do