can shoot 92 -100 ft and the shortest range I ever shot was 72 ft.=]( This can realy hurt someone, DO NOT USE ON ANYONE.)

Step 1: Collapsable Biepod

the stand of the gun

Step 2: The Wheel Assembly

The front part of the gun

Step 3: The Box/ Barrel

the Barrel of the gun

Step 4: Ammo Holder/Extras

where you store your extra ammo

Step 5: Your Done!!!!!!!!


It seems to have a good range! But I know you probably don't Have enough peices to do it, but you should make it out of mainly connectors instead of rods (check out IAC's cannon).
idk where the rubberband goes to fire it can u help?
yeah just bring it all the way to the back! <br>
wow the wheel assembly is much better now!! thx 4 listening!!
you're welcome <br>
please comment <br>

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