Introduction: K'nex Truck

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This is my second instructable, I think this one is my best so far

Step 1: Front

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this is the strongest part of the truck.

Step 2: Cab

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The cab of the truck.

Step 3: Other Stuff.

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some other stuff.

Step 4: Frame

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easy or hard depends on how you build.

Step 5: Putting It All Together.

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knex vehicle builder 00 (author)2010-10-03

dude thats one strong looking truck lol

it is ushould build

~KGB~ (author)2010-09-28

that must weigh like 1kg lol

pie lover (author)~KGB~2010-09-28

No, only like 5 pounds.

~KGB~ (author)pie lover2010-09-29

ok kool... thats really the same tho, isint it?

pie lover (author)~KGB~2010-09-29

ya I think

~KGB~ (author)pie lover2010-09-30


pie lover (author)~KGB~2010-09-30

lol im not used to the metric system.

~KGB~ (author)pie lover2010-10-01


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