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I have a couple of friends that do crossfit and body building.. I'm more in the i want to get fit club though. When Looking for ideas for Christmas Gifts i wanted to come up with a Present for my friends that wasn't too big and hence not to expensive to print.. Not too hard to design, 3d print and put together.

Since i figured most of my friends are desk jockeys from 8-5 and gym warriors afterwards i tried to come  out with ideas for the desk. The stapler was too big and had too many variants, the stapler remover was another no no.. a pen holder? way too much material and too much printing time.. and voila.. after staring at a couple of tape dispensers i noticed they look like a huge weight plate..

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Step 1: Do Some Measurements and Start Modeling

I measured the core of the tape holder and started modeling my figurine according to the measured tape core.

It looked good in maya and i figured it was time to 3d print
<p>great work!</p>
<p>great work!</p>
Clever. Also clever to only release the file if you win.
What a great idea. I love it! <br>You should sell them. I know many people who would buy it
you can get the 3d printed ones here.. obviously these are a bit more expensive since they are 3d printed and made in the US.. http://nuproto.com/strongmantape.html
You know, it would be cool if you could add the file for members to play with.
i'll make the same offer i made with my game of thrones 3d print.. If i win something i'll give away the model to all my fellow instructables.. so share, vote and favorite my instructable..

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