Strong and Accurate Knex Gun





Introduction: Strong and Accurate Knex Gun

This is a strong knex gun. It can shoot anything that fits in the barrel. It uses only basic knex pieces and a good rubber band. If you use blue rods as ammo you will surely get your target. This is my first instructable so be nice.

Step 1: Build the Barrel

This is the barrel. You can make slight modifications depending on the pieces you have. Make it by looking at the picture.

Step 2: Build the Firing Pin

This is a very easy step. Make it by looking at the picture. You just need to tape the part where the orange connector and the grey rod meet.

Step 3: Build the Handle (optional)

You do not have to make the handle but it gives you better grip.

Step 4: Connect Everything

connect all the parts you made made like the picture shows. Also connect the rubber band to the orange connector on the end of the firing pin and the other end to the front of the gun. This is a block trigger so pull back the firing pin the turn the trigger so it covers the hole that the firing comes out of. Then put the ammo in the front of the gun. Now you are ready to fire.



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this gun is pretty well created speaking that all of the other ones are at least an hour of building all in all i modified the barrel a bit and is now completely accurate it shot 22 feet

wow,u know, arguieng over the internet is like running the special olympics,even if you win, you'r still retarted and heres a prime example here above me.

thank you.

well,all of you are breaking the "be nice" comment policy,even if it contributes to the mass amount of the same gun,you shouldent critisize them,just leave them alone(im not for block triggers) and the instructable will get less views,you dont need to critisize them. Most of them are knock offs of a good gun,so you have something to be proud of if your a major knex builder. Am i right?

Your being hypocritical, you are saying not to critizize each other while you say block triggers suck. some of the best guns on this site are block triggers, my first block trigger shot about 70ft.

this gun is very powerful with more than one rubber band. it can shoot right threw a piece of paper. you can put a pen ink tube in the barrel and shoot it really far

1 peice of paper? All the guns i make can shoot throught 16 peices of paper from 20ft away. no joke i will post a vid if you want.