Stronger Cheaper DIY Sand Drum





Introduction: Stronger Cheaper DIY Sand Drum

Sand drum is basically used to grind different materials or you can say to smooth a material.

For this DIY Tech you will require the following

  • Sand paper 100 grit ( to smooth the wheel )
  • Sand paper x grit ( Where x is your choice yes you can make the drum to be of any grit )
  • Scissors
  • pliers
  • A dc fan blade ( Pretty much any pc fan will do )
  • Super glue
  • A dremel or rotatory tool like drill
  • Tissue paper or a cloth to clean

*Grit is like the smoothness of a sand paper larger the number, smoother is the sand paper.

Step 1: How to Make

  1. Break the fan blades with the help of pliers
  2. Put the left wheel like structure in a drill
  3. Using the 100 grit paper smooth the outer cylinder
  4. Cut a piece of sand paper to cover the outer cylinder of the wheel
  5. Glue it on n thats it


  • Cheap
  • Really easy to make
  • Long lasting ( once the sander paper is finished you can apply a new layer of sand paper on it using glue #newlife )
  • Close to zero vibration ( thats the reason to use PC fan as it is very accurately made and doesn't wobble or vibrate while rotating )


  • A lil big in diameter so might not get into smaller places.

* You can take out the magnet and the metal ring that is inside that fan blade. I kept it as its of no use to me at the moment and its keeping the wheel strong as well.


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    love it grate idea dude :)