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Stroopwafels are a traditional Dutch cookie.  My husband is from Holland and I became addicted to them after my first visit there. They're difficult to find in the US and when we do, they're usually a poor, stale substitute for the real thing.  We decided to try making our own after finding them in a Dutch cookbook. 


Supernewby (author)2012-01-10

I love stroopwafels, but you have some special sort of patience to make these. I bet they taste so delicious with homemade caramel.

JudyVer (author)2011-12-06

I'm brand new to instructables and obviously uploaded my pictures incorrectly. If anyone wants to give me a tutorial, please feel free to do so. My comments for each photo can be seen by clicking the "i" box in the corner. I'll get it right next time!

wde laat (author)JudyVer2011-12-08

And if you don't have time to make them, but still want to serve guests this tasty treat, check out Baked fresh in the USA :)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-12-06

Those look delicious!

Fypsigon (author)2011-12-06

I love Stroopwafels!!!!! And now I can make my own!!!! Thank you very, very much!

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