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I am just back home after a month holidays in Srilanka.I  guess I have missed alot on Ibles specially the Pizza contest which I was looking forward  to take part., unfortunately I was on holidays  :(
Here again a nice recipe of Strudel Pasties Savoury from the famous  Dr Oetker from Germany.
The strudel dough is very nice ,you can use this dough for other stuffs too.
Preparation time  - about 45 min excluding resting time
Baking time  20 min

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
For the Strudel
250 Gr  all purpose flour
1 Pinch Salt
100 ml lukewarm water
1 medium egg
2 tspoon cooking oil
Freshly ground  black pepper

For the Filling
500 Gr Aubergines
2 tablespoons cooking oil
60 gr Salami
3 cloves garlic
Freshly ground black pepper

For Coating
50 gr butter
BigRed19732 years ago
I think I may have drooled on my keyboard...........
786Ayesha (author)  BigRed19732 years ago
ha! ha! try this out ,really a nice one.
I'm very eager to try the strudel dough, that looks fantastic!
786Ayesha (author)  MercuryCrest2 years ago
Thanks.Yes it is,and you can try with other fillings too.I did the second time with beef filling it was really good.Aubergine is the original recipe.All the best .let me know how it turns out.
sheroza2 years ago
Those look so delicious!!!!!!!!!! Awesome snack idea!!!!!!!!!
uziham2 years ago
Yummmy...going to try em
shazni2 years ago
oh....looks good!
786Ayesha (author) 2 years ago
Thanks..This is a very nice recipe of Dr Oethker.Taste very good.The original recipe is so.Add a little bit spring onions ,would give a nice flavour.If you make Let me know how it turnes out.
Those sound good! I actually don't know if I've had eggplant (Aubergines) but it sounds like something worth trying :D