Step 5: Chassis (Down Frame)

This is the frame which hold the legs, engine and the gears in place.
<p>mine keeps on going buzz click click click click click click click</p>
All motors that look like that blue one works and the blue rod is a gray rod and it can also move sideways and upside down
Would the see through motor with the red battery pack work for this<br>
Would a green motor work
some grey-lenght rods are blue,like those are.
Hi Stuart!
This is what it sounds like: Whir, click click click click click click click click.
&nbsp;my thing cant lift up its own weight<br />
what are those long rods?blue or gray<br /> <br />
its working suckish for me
Did you build everything exactly the same? Did you time the legs right? Is the engine low on batteries? Check that first before you say it sucks next time, ok?
He didnt say it sucks, he said that its working sucksh for <em><strong>him.</strong></em>
Yes i know that, but i don't like it when people say it's suckish or only for them when they don't even give the reason why.<br /> Because then i could help them but i could not otherwise.
Ah, ok.
this is awesome<br />
&nbsp;your right i didnt time it right<br />
ooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/><br/>(the gears <em>bit</em> me!!<br/>
Lolz, the V1 bit me too once :P
the robot stucks with de gears
i like, 5*.
O.o fancy!! lol :P nice job!
Thanks lol. Want a vid of it walking?
fo sho!!
Lol, go to Youtube and search K'nex Creations By Viccie.B1993. You see the V2 walking there, but it isn't any different from walking patterns then the V3 and 4. I wrecked it already, now working on a assault rifle, y'know, give the AR-V3 some competition :P
you liked it that much lol. If you make it regular loading, you won't be able to beat my gun.
The AR-4 v3 already has enough competition....
ok, ill check it out!
Now to make a caterpillar! A trekker motor should drive the whole thing, I might try it.
Yeah!<br/>D'you even know what trekker means in Dutch?<br/>Puller.. <br/>;)<br/>Makes sense now, ey?<br/>Btw, catterpillar walker = guarenteed win for the K'nexers here.<br/>;P<br/>
You better not use ball joints, Knex_Pls made a caterpillar once, and it used a whole bunch of ball joints.
Lol, just make a Stuart with more legs and a different timing on the legs, duh.. :P
Pretty cool. Can you post a video by any chance?
Theres already one on Youtube where you see the V2 walking. I didn't make one with this one ;) It's called "Knex Creations By Viccie.B1993"
I didnt realize this b4 but im guessing Viccie's ur name and B1993 means you were born in 1993 so your 15/16 now. Am i right?
Lol, a guy named Viccie? No way, my name is Victor. XD And B stands for Bischoff which is my last name, and 1993 is my birth year. :P
Now tell him to bisch off. You will get it only when you say it out loud.
okay thx
Yay stuart has a brother, finally :) brilliant!
Lolwut? You made it?
Yeah, both of them together. This one is better and faster lol.
Lol, ok :P
So you did post? Yay!
Yeah, i had it lying around, and my cam was in my reach, so i was like: Ahh, what the hell anyway! :P
At long last! Haha, good work.
Thanks. I was bored, and i had this guy lying around so i was like: Ahhh, what i got to lose? :P
i just bought 2 blue motors for 30 bucks so this better be good!

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