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There's my Instructable; it worked for me. It might work for you. If you have any desire to try it, it might be best to use RG-8 cable, or at the least, RG-8X. I would also be very leery of running much power – I suspect that the tag end of the stub might generate a considerable amount of voltage with a lot of input. Start with more than two feet of cable (maybe 4-6 feet – whatever you have) and snip it off in segments as you go. Keep the braid and center conductor apart; a shorted stub has totally different characteristics.

Frankly, I haven't had the need to mess with it. Communicating over 1800 miles while running the same power as my cell phone charger draws seems good enough to me!

(BTW, this photo isn't current, but I didn''t think that a picture of a Realistic 10-meter rig would be very impressive.)

Litavecz1 month ago

I made a "Moxon" 11 meter antenna (CB) since I have yet to take the test to get my technician license. The Moxon is basically a folded vertical 1/4 wave dipole with a slightly longer reflective folded element. It has pretty good gain and I have it mounted on a tv rotor above the roof.I did the same thing you did to bring it into resonance in the middle of the band.I just used a small length of wire clipped to the bottom of both elements.