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I work construction and often find partial/almost empty double cartridges of epoxy which are deemed either too much hassle to deal with for the next time they may be needed or may have too little left to be worth saving....(obviously, the 3-Rs don't get much attention at some of these construction sites...)

I've found that often, there is more material left in the tubes than what you get when you buy the little 2-tube epoxy packs from the hardware store for... (I'm not even sure what they cost anymore, it's been so long) $5?

Admittedly, most people will buy those packs and use, at most, maybe a chocolate chip's worth of each at a time for what their needs are. Well, let me tell you some of the things possible if you have several tablespoons worth available.

Remember that most epoxies of this type are usually mixed in a 1:1 ratio. 1 small blob of part A and an equal size blob of B. Many of them come in (2) different colors for each part so mix them until you have a uniform color with no streaks of one or the other.

Also remember that once they're mixed, you've started down the road of no return...you need to use it because it can't be stored for use later...
klhold3 years ago
You're a busy man. Looks like you also might be working with a pretty creative art director for your home projects using tiles! Keep up the fine work in recycling, reusing, recreating!
jamilks (author)  klhold3 years ago
kl aloha~ THanks for the kind words! I do indeed have a creative director. Left to my own devices I would only work on more "boring" and less artistic stuff...fun for me nonetheless, but maybe less eye catching...
zazenergy3 years ago
You have done for epoxy what Tim the Toolman Taylor did for duct tape! Love it!
ksamimi3 years ago
Boy, the wonders of that Epoxy! Looks like you can use it for just about anything.

p.s. That's a real nice laptop desk you made there.
jamilks (author)  ksamimi3 years ago
Ksamimi, aloha~

I'm thinking of going into a side business...heh heh...looking for a sub-contractor to cut out and assemble the parts for me and I'll supply the Epoxy....know anyone?
rimar20003 years ago
No, that I say is a two-components putty, a 500 or 1000g can with a tiny plastic jar containing the curing agent. You can vary the proportions to obtain different effects.
rimar20003 years ago
Interesting. I am an enthusiast epoxy putty-adhesive and user.

Have you used cars epoxy putty? It is very cheap, very workable, adheres almost all materials, etc. I use it as putty and as adhesive too.
jamilks (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Rimar, aloha~ No, I am not familiar with car epoxy putty unless you mean the material some folks here call "Bondo" which is basically a fiberglass resin type material (I think...) and used for doing automotive body work to repair dents etc.

It is a good idea, any adhesive that is cheap and adheres to most materials is a good thing, no?

Until later, be well~