Picture of Student Money Saving Tips
The starting of the school year could be daunting especially when it comes to finances. Here are some quick an easy ways to save money and stay on budget in university.
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Step 1: Student Deals

Picture of Student Deals
What is often forgotten or most people are unaware of is that there are many discounts available to students. One for instance is around software. Right now, if you are a student at a post-secondary institution within the United States or Canada you can get all of Microsoft Office Ultimate for $64 which normally goes for $680 in stores.

Check out: for more information.

Plus, your university may also have software available to you for a discounted price. Ask your IT department if this is the case and how they are obtainable. Often universities have a website which require your student number to login and provide you with software to download such as antivirus protection and course-specific applications.

Step 2: Online Sites

Picture of Online Sites
There are many websites which make it easy to track down deals, special promotions and contests. One of these is They offer information on anything from kitchen appliances and furniture to xboxes and computer software (such as

Another site is CraigsList. This site is very popular and suprisingly very useful. It is essentially a free online classifieds site. You can post anything (within reason) in any city for free. What's suprising is how fast you can get responses to your ads, sometimes within minutes of posting. This site can be useful to you if you are looking to sell something and you are in a rush or simply are having a tough time finding interested people. Plus, if you are looking to buy something and do not mind if it is second hand this site could be an excellent resource.

Kijijiis another site that is essentially the same as Craigslist but has a nicer layout.