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So I am a Recording Engineer and I want to make my mixes tighter, and at the moment I dont have the space to make a set of Auratones, so I am going to build a Studer A810 Monitor Speaker into an enclosure for Referencing when I mix songs.

Parts Needed:

1 x Studer A810 Monitor Speaker with Amp Card

2 x Perfboard

1 x 2.1mm AC Power Jack

2 x 1/4" TRS Jacks

1 x 18v 888mA AC (THIS IS IMPORTANT) Wall Wart 

1 x 16 Pin 1mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector

1 x 1"x10" - 4' Common Board


Miscellaneous Wire


Carpet - Optional (I'm going cover mine with some leftover carpeting i have from building my subwoofer box)

Step 1: Circuit Board Soldering

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So I have the schematic attached, and the pinout is as follows

+15V on pin 5
-15V on pin 6

CH 1 input audio on pin 16 (Left of TRS Jack 1)
CH 2 input audio on pin 9 (Right of TRS Jack 1)
CH 1 tape audio on pin 14 (Left of TRS Jack 2)
CH 2 tape audio on pin 7 (Right of TRS Jack 2)

pin 1 connected to pin 2
pin 3 connected to pin 4

Once you have this all soldered up, follow this Instructble to build the proper power supply.

Step 2: Laying Out the Back Plate

So now, lay out the back plate, where you want the TRS inputs, the power supply port, switch and LED to go. I used a ruler to make everything nice and neat and level. 


jimj3114 (author)2017-05-05

This is terrific ! Thank you !

I found your "instructable" while doing some research trying to figure out how to do the exact same thing myself.

Do you have a picture of the final product?

Thanks again!

craftclarity (author)2014-04-07

Is this for a reference speaker or something?

ryanjblajda (author)craftclarity2014-04-07


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