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A go-between, also known as a gobo, is a great mobile way to control sound. It can be used to help isolate an instrument or lessen the reflections and reverberation of a space. This is my work around for my home project studio since I do not have a recording booth. You can buy a gobo at places like Guitar Center, or online for about $100.  Since I am a musician on a budget, I consulted with a fellow producer friend of mine and made my own in about 20 minutes, with about $30 worth of parts from Home Depot.

In order to build a gobo, you will need the following items:

One 8” “Ready Tube” Cardboard molding form (This came in lengths of 3 feet)
One pack of 8” Cable Ties (Black)
One bag of ½” Phillips Screws /Nuts
One 3 pack of plastic Taping Knifes
One can of spray adhesive
One pack of Foam Air conditioner Side Insulation Panels (One pack contains 2 panels)

Tools you will need:

A jigsaw
A Philips Screwdriver
A felt tip marker like a Sharpie
Black spray paint (optional)
A drill and a small bit.

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Cardboard Molding Form

Remove one of the Foam Air conditioner Side Insulation Panels and use it as a template to mark a line around the top of the 8” “Ready Tube” with a felt tip marker. Make sure to line up the top edge of the Insulation Panel with the top edge of the tube. This will save you some cutting and insure a straight line.
I like this especially since I want to make my own home recording studio for narrative work.

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