Picture of Study LED Lamp

2 inch PVC
Soldering iron + solder
Electrical Tape
Drill and variety large drill bit( The larger the better depending of the PVC size)
USB Charger( Ipod chargers work)
Wire Stripper
LED lights
Wire Cutters
Heat Gun
Use of a sink 
1-4 PVC Adapter (See Picture)
Any Saw

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Step 1: Structure

1.Saw off a piece of PVC of your choice to determine the height, and length of the lamp.
2.Using Heat Gun, apply heat to a certain area of the PVC( Make sure you heat up all around).
3.Using judgement stop applying heat and apply pressure in a certain direction to bend or make a arch in the PVC. If not bending with ease apply more heat. If the PVC is bent, hold that position with the bent PVC and apply cold water to the heated area. Leave under water for 30 seconds to ensure the PVC has cooled off.
4. Using the Heat Gun again you will need to do the same thing on further up the PVC from the newly created arch/bend. This will make it so that the lamp structure will be pointed down at the table instead of up at the ceiling.

Step 2: Structure Part 2

1.Using the drill gun find the biggest drill bit you have. It doesnt have to be huge but just enough so that the hole can accommodate a few wire comfortably
2. Drill a hole half way up the lamp before the first arch in the PVC.
3. Drill another hole after the last arch before the end of the PVC.
SHS_PnE (author) 2 years ago
the circuit with the 5 led color-changing bulbs