Stuff Your Boneless Chicken

Picture of Stuff Your Boneless Chicken
Now you have a boneless chicken, this is the process for stuffing, tying and roasting it. You can stuff your chicken with almost anything and I have only included this recipe as an example. Let your creativity and personal taste dictate your culinary creation. There are some guidelines though. Make sure your ingredients have some moisture. Firm but not wet. If they are too dry they will draw the moisture from the meat and make it dry. Too wet and they are hard to handle and tend to come out of the bird. Don't overstuff your bird. It makes it harder to handle and longer to cook, again drying out the meat.
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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Picture of Ingredients and Tools
Boneless chicken
Onion diced fine
Celery diced fine
Mushrooms sliced fine
Parsley rough chopped
Thin slice salami
White wine
Chicken Stock
Assorted root vegtables to be added during roasting

Utility shears
Chef knife
Cotton butchers twine

Step 2: Making the Stuffing

Picture of Making the Stuffing
Begin by sauteing the onion, celery and mushrooms in butter until they just begin to turn brown. Turn off the heat, add the parsley and lightly season the mixture. I say lightly because their will be more opportunities to season in future steps. You can always add more seasoning. It's really hard to take it out.

Step 3: Season Your and Stuff Your Bird

Picture of Season Your and Stuff Your Bird
While your saute mixture is cooking and cooling, you can begin seasoning and stuffing your bird. Sprinkle the inside with salt, pepper and rosemary. Distribute the raisins and line the cavity with Salami. Finish stuffing with the mushroom mixture.

Step 4: Tying Up Your Bird

Picture of Tying Up Your Bird
Gather the sides of the bird and overlap. Tuck any meat or stuffing back into the bird. Make a nice chicken package.

Step 5: The Knot and The Tie

Picture of The Knot and The Tie
With your butchers twine make a slip knot and place over the neck end of the bird. Tighten down snugly. Loop the twine down around the bird and cross over the top string to make a bind. Continue down the bird with the twine, keeping the package together and tight. Tie the twine off on the last turn.
marcia.mattos.9 made it!4 months ago

I did a stuff boneless chicken keeping a full format..I just kept the tips of bone of thighs and wings to keep a full format of chinken, only making a seam on the back of the chicken,

whole chicken including the thighs are stuffed with green olives onion, green peas , corn, cheese and han

I made to sell .. what it would cost for me to sell on market

Oh boy, that looks good! *Homer Simpson drool*

You should enter this in the BBQ contest.
woomyse7 years ago
Drool and quivering chin but that looks great!!!
shooby7 years ago
Nice, is that a chicken foot on the right. Tasty!