Tools and supplies I used:

Table saw (only attempt this project if you’ve been trained on this)
Orbital sander
Drill with 3/32” pilot bit
1 sheet ½” plywood, cut into 4 2’x4’ boards
2’ x 4’ piece of MDF, 1/8” thick
64 #6 flat head phillips wood screws 1-½” long

I made it at Techshop: http://techshop.ws

Step 1: Cutting the Plywood Pieces

Using the table saw, I cut the following lengths from the 2’x4’ pieces:
• 2 pieces that were 31” long (and 2’ wide)
• 1 piece that was 20-11/16” long (and 2’ wide)
• 2 pieces that were 15.5” long (and 2’ wide)
• 1 pieces that were 10-5/16” long (and 2’ wide)
• 12 pieces that were 6” x 11-15/16”
• 7 pieces that were 6-3/8” x 11-15/16”
<p>I have, like, 100 stuffed animals to put in there</p>
awesome! i love the elephant its really cute!good job! (:
Very Cool. Could be very helpful for those of us that are stuffed animal ranchers. I don't have a table saw, but I think I could make this work using my router... Thanks for posting. Well organized and the pics look great.

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