Stuffed Cheese Burger

Picture of Stuffed Cheese Burger
Stuffed Cheese Burgers are absolutely delicious! They are much better than traditional burgers, because as the cheese melts it makes the meat really tender. Plus it's a neat suprise when you bite into what you think is going to be a plain burger and cheese oozes out.
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Step 1: Gather your ingredients

Picture of Gather your ingredients
For two cheese burgers:

1 pound ground sirloin
4 slices of cheese

To make it a bacon cheeseburger, you will also need one slive of bacon

Step 2: Season the meat

Picture of Season the meat
Sprinkle your beef with meat tenderizer, salt, and pepper to taste.

Step 4: Divide the meat in half

Picture of Divide the meat in half
Divide the meat into two and set half aside for the second burger

Step 6: Add the cheese

Picture of Add the cheese
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Take a slice of cheese and fold it to make it into a small square.

Place it in the center of one of the patties.

Make sure that the square isn't too big and that it isn't too close to the edge, or the cheese with ooze prematurely

Step 11: Add extra cheese on top (optional)

Cook the burgers until desired level of doneness.

If you like your burgers extra cheesy, place a thin slice of cheese on top. Otherwise, skip this step.

Step 13: Serve and enjoy

Picture of Serve and enjoy
Top your burger with condiments if you wish (I prefer them plain). Serve with chips or fries and a pickle.